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Workout Food
Workout Food

Imagine if you were able to get the perfect workout food, or that perfect mid-day snack.  A food that would give your energy, a boost, but didn’t have a ton of calories.  What would that be like?

Welcome to Healthy Whey

From Tri-Berry to Banana Blueberry, our Healthy Whey Smoothies are delicious and nutritious.  We never use any artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup (Yuck!).  Whether you’re eating to bulk up, slim down, or just maintain your fantastic body, your nutrition regimen probably includes a smoothies, protein shake or both! That’s because protein, vitamins, and minerals are essential nutrients for building and maintaining a healthy life and physique!  Give us a try, we’re located inside of Powerhouse Gym, in Wichita Falls, TX.

Drink Yourself Skinny
Workout Food
Workout Food

Have you ever tried to slim down with traditional diets?  What if you could lose weight simply by drinking a protein shake?  It’s possible, you know.  According to the Dr. Oz show, Protein shakes are a critical post workout food, and a critical breakfast food.

HealthyWhey’s Protein Shakes Rock!

Protein Shakes can boost your metabolism by over 25%, they can help you save calories by avoiding fatty foods, and they can contribute to keeping your blood sugar balanced.  Finally, Healthy Whey protein shakes taste great and are made from natural healthy ingredients.

 Workout Food

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